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A Good Tea Time

The aesthetics surrounding of tea drinking is quite impressive. Since tea is commonly consumed at social gatherings and event like in art galleries and museums. Tea ceremonies differ among countries like in Japan this ritual is very spiritual and needed a lot of experience just to prepare this ceremony. This is part of their culture that I can say is one of the beautiful customs that I ever seen. You can have a little research on the Internet to find out how this ceremonies or Way of Tea prepared https://yourhighesttruth.com.

All tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. Processing the fresh leaves of the tea plant establish the variations of tea family – white tea, green, black or oolong. One might be good to another depends on the drinker preference and taste.

White is the rarest tea that you can imagine. The process is quite delicate since they only use leaf tips and buds of the plant and the tea leaves. White tea is not allowed to oxidize because the leaves are steamed and can be dried easily. Green is among the favorites, it has the medicinal benefits that most Chinese tend to believe. Black tea has the strong taste and most drink on Chinese restaurant after every meal. It helps you digest your food slowly. Oolong tastes between the green and black teas because the leaves are only partially oxidized. The temperature of your water is essential when you want the perfect tea brewing. Make sure also that your cast iron tea kettle is clean and free any dirt and rust. If this is your first time to prepare for a tea then you must keep in mind the general rule; the more oxidized the tea, the hotter the water it should be. For water temperature and steeping time then you must consider these guidelines;

Black: 3-5 minutes at 212° F
Oolong: 4-7 minutes at 195° – 210° F
Green or white: 2-5 minutes at 170° – 180° F

First fill your cast iron kettle with fresh and clean water then allow it to boil in your stove. Rinse your cast iron tea pot and tea cups with the hot water, so the pot will absorb the heat from the boiling water. Then discard the water in the teapot and get your tea. By means of a tea infuser basket or tea filter, add 2 grams of tea per cup to the pot. Then pour your brewed tea on your cups, you can add a little amount of honey and milk for additional sweetness.